Introducing ONE ATOMS: A New Name but Same Commitment to Innovation

Hello from ONE ATOMS! We are thrilled to unveil ONE ATOMS GLOBAL Pte Ltd, formerly known as ZTO Asia Pte Ltd, marking a significant milestone in our journey of evolution and growth. As we step into this exciting chapter, we are not just rebranding; we are redefining what it means to excel in the dynamic world of eCommerce logistics.

Founded in April 2023, ONE ATOMS inherits a rich legacy shaped by the pioneering spirit of ZTO Singapore. From our humble beginnings in 2021, operating within a modest space of less than 10,000 sqft, we have swiftly grown to occupy a 150,000 sqft warehouse today at 4 Pandan Crescent, LOGOS EHUB, showcasing an impressive journey of development and adaptation.

At the heart of ONE ATOMS lies a relentless pursuit of technological excellence. We are not merely a logistics company; we are a technology-driven firm dedicated to revolutionising the way goods move in the digital age. Our state-of-the-art advancements in connectivity, seamlessly integrating with both upstream and downstream partners, highlight our commitment to enhancing efficiency and efficacy in the logistics sector.

Specialising in eCommerce fulfilment and cross-border logistics, ONE ATOMS has become a pivotal player in the logistics landscapes of Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Our reputation for innovation and dependability precedes us, as we continually strive to push boundaries and establish new benchmarks within the industry.

But our vision extends far beyond the horizons of today. We are poised for expansion into new frontiers, with plans underway to venture into Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia. These strategic moves reflect our unwavering commitment to tapping into the vast potential of the rapidly growing eCommerce sector in Southeast Asia, solidifying our position as a pivotal player in the region.

Stay tuned as we unveil more about our transformative journey and the exciting developments ahead under ONE ATOMS!