We understand the importance of reliable and efficient logistics in today’s fast-paced business environment. Powered by advanced robotics and AI technology, our experienced team provides fast and accurate order processing, packaging and delivery, all while minimising costs and increasing efficiency.

150 000 sqft

Warehouse in Singapore

6 Fulfilment Hubs

Around SouthEast Asia

100+ Brands

Fulfilled by ONE ATOMS

  • Our Service

    We fulfil same-day orders placed before 4pm, and maintain a cancellation rate and inventory discrepancy rate of less than 0.01% at our fulfilment centres.

  • Our Technology

    Our platform connects seamlessly with a wide range of e-commerce marketplaces, enabling real-time order management and inventory tracking

  • Our Add-Ons

    Customise and add-on other services including first-mile pickup, last-mile delivery, cross-border freight, customs clearance, and more.

The Fulfilment Process

Goods Inbound

Goods Inbound

Upon arrival at our e-commerce hub, all goods undergo a thorough quality and quantity check by our experienced team to ensure that they are accurately recorded and in good condition.



After inspection, your products will be stored in our secure facility on pallets, high and low racks, or temperate controlled rooms to ensure optimal storage conditions for each product type.


Order Picking

Our advanced robotics technology automates the picking process to minimise errors and increase efficiency, ensuring that the correct products are selected for each order.


Order Packing

After picking, our team carefully packs your products into suitable delivery materials, such as boxes or poly mailers, to ensure safe and secure delivery to your customers.

Last-Mile Delivery

Last-Mile Delivery

Lastly, have your products delivered to your customers’ doorstep using ONE ATOMS’s own fleet of drivers or third-party logistics (3PL) providers.


Fulfilled by ONE ATOMS



Integrated with ONE ATOMS





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